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Elderly Legal Assistance Program-

Offers legal assistance statewide for people who are 60 or older.


Pets Are Loving Support (PALS)-

PALS provides ongoing care and support to the pets of Atlanta area persons living with disabilities due to HIV/AIDS, terminal illnesses, and the elderly.  With this help, pets and owners may remain together to share the healing power of love and companionship which flows from the human-animal bond.


Transitions Pet Care -

Transitions Pet Care operates in the Decatur, GA area. Their mission is to provide pet care and rehoming services for the pets of people facing end of life. Although their main focus is on pet owners who are terminally ill, they also assist other owners who are struggling to care for their pets due to illness, injury, or age. They have started a pet care program which provides free dog walking, litter box maintenance, etc to owners who are facing a health challenge. The pet owner must be stably housed, and their goal must be to keep their pet.

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