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Thanks Fur Everything!


Thanks Fur Everything is just one way for us to show you how much we value and appreciate you. It is a fun, point-based program that rewards you for each 250-point milestone you reach. You can earn points for just about everything, including:


  • Signing up as a volunteer or foster (25 pts)

  • Fostering (25 pts per pet)

  • Referring other fosters to us (50 pts per referral)

  • Transporting pets and/or supplies (25 pts per transport)

  • Filling a volunteer role, either recurring (10 pts/mo) or one-off services (25 pts)

  • Anniversary milestones (25 pts)


Each time you reach 250 milestone points, you can take your pick from the following:


  • $25 gas card

  • $25 Chewy gift card

  • If you prefer, you can request that $25 be donated to Stay Together Furever's operational fund


NOTE: Thanks Fur Everything funds are sourced through a combination of private proceeds and credit card reward points. Public donations will never be used to fund this program.

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